$PACE 2.0

On January 26, 2023 12:00 UTC, The 3space Art team will migrate oPACE(KIP-17) tokens back to Ethereum after a successful fair distribution launch on the Klaytn network.
It will also reduce the total fixed supply of $PACE to 85,000,000, burning 75% of the Ecosystem liquidity allocated to secure liquidity on the Klaytn network.

$PACE Total Supply

After January 26, 2023 12:00 UTC
Total Supply: 100,000,000 PACE
Fixed supply after 1 year contract distribution: 100,000,000 oPACE
Initial contract distribution on Klaytn (oPACE) : 99,023,040 oPACE
Before January 26, 2023 12:00 UTC
Total Supply: 85,000,000 PACE
Circulating supply after the migration (February 7, 2023): 40,365,503.96 PACE

$oPACE migration statistics

$oPACE circulating supply breakdown (as of January 26, 2023)


Total tokens controlled by 3space team: 35,366,320 oPACE
Burn: 15,000,000 oPACE
Remaining: 20,366,320 oPACE
PROPOSAL: Migrate the remaining 20,355,820 oPACE to Ethereum $PACE except 1,050,000 oPACE reserved for 005: CO-EXISTENCE Art Pool
Total tokens held by 3space team after Jan. 26, 2023: 19,316,320 PACE

Circulating Supply

Total oPACE in circulation after token burn: 24,298,491.96 oPACE
Tokens remaining on Klaytn contract: 2,102,269 oPACE
Tokens remining on Klayswap contract (KSP-oPACE, KLAY-oPACE): 2,196,949 oPACE
$oPACE owned by holders: 19,999,273.96 oPACE
Total tokens in circulation after Jan. 26, 2023: 24,298,491.96 PACE
oPACE allocation remaining on Klaytn for NFT drop rewards and Art Pool rewards: 5,367,218 oPACE

Migration Proposal

A) 1:1 migration support for ALL $oPACE holders and wallets using 3space bridge
B) Mining rewards for Marketplace and Artpool will continue to reward $oPACE until the end of 005: CO-EXISTENCE on April 27
C) After the end of exhibition on April 27, all mining rewards will be settled with $PACE on Ethereum
D) All $oPACE staking programs will be terminated after migration. $PACE staking on Ethereum will commence after launch of $PACE 2.0