$PACE 2.0

On January 26, 2023, at 12:00 UTC, The 3space Art team migrated oPACE(KIP-17) tokens back to Ethereum after fair distribution launch on the Klaytn network.

(June 25, 2023) The remaining 15,438,359.691017 oPACE on Klaytn will be gradually burned via Orbitchain.

(June 25, 2023) Art Pool and Marketplace reward rebalanced after $PACE Klaytn to Ethereum migration

$PACE Total Supply

Before January 26, 2023 12:00 UTC

Total Supply: 100,000,000 PACE

Fixed supply after 1 year contract distribution: 100,000,000 oPACE

Initial contract distribution on Klaytn (oPACE) : 99,023,040 oPACE

After January 26, 2023 12:00 UTC

Total fixed supply: 100,000,000 PACE

Total circulating supply on Ethereum:

Total circulating supply on Klaytn: 15,438,359. 691 oPACE


Circulating supply after the migration (February 7, 2023): 40,365,503.96 PACE

$oPACE migration statistics

$oPACE circulating supply breakdown (as of January 26, 2023)


Total tokens controlled by 3space team: 35,366,320 oPACE

Migrated remaining 20,355,820 oPACE to Ethereum $PACE except 1,050,000 oPACE reserved for 005: CO-EXISTENCE Art Pool

Total tokens held by the 3space team after Jan. 26, 2023: 19,316,320 PACE

Circulating Supply

Total oPACE in circulation after token burn: 24,298,491.96 oPACE

Tokens remaining on Klaytn contract: 2,102,269 oPACE

Tokens remaining on Klayswap contract (KSP-oPACE, KLAY-oPACE): 2,196,949 oPACE

$oPACE owned by holders: 19,999,273.96 oPACE

Total tokens in circulation after Jan. 26, 2023: 24,298,491.96 PACE

oPACE allocation remaining on Klaytn for NFT drop rewards and Art Pool rewards: 5,367,218 oPACE

Migration Proposal

A) 1:1 migration support for ALL $oPACE holders and wallets using 3space bridge

B) Mining rewards for Marketplace and Artpool will continue to reward $oPACE until the end of 005: CO-EXISTENCE on April 27

C) After the end of the exhibition on April 27, all mining rewards will be settled with $PACE on Ethereum

D) All $oPACE staking programs will be terminated after migration. $PACE staking on Ethereum will commence after the launch of $PACE 2.0

Contract Audit and Multisig

The PACE token contract was audited and verified by Certik as of September 21, 2023. You can find the details here.

As per recommendation, all allocations have been sent to the Multisig-Wallet, and its corresponding public address can be found below and on Github

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