3space Art (the “3space”) is a digital art platform where artists and collectors have the opportunity to showcase digital art in offline events and exhibitions. 3space utilizes Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to identify each art with artist and collector so that the credentials and commercial proceeds related to the distribution, reproduction, performance, public display, or derivative work will be entitled to the NFT holder (or creator).

This paper will introduce 3space's two products: The Marketplace and the Art Pool. The Marketplace is a primary market where artists and vendors can sell digital art to a curated collector base using fiat or cryptocurrencies. The Art Pool is a protocol for artists and collectors to showcase their art at offline locations by depositing the representative NFTs in a smart contract pool and delegating the participation.


We are witnessing more talent and creators entering the digital art space with an unprecedented number of unique works. Much of this is due to NFTs and the use of blockchain technology which allows the authentication, monetization, and valuation of non-physical artworks.

Yet, the aesthetics in digital art is often overshadowed by how we engage in art. General audiences are more familiar with the physical displays of artwork found in museums and exhibitions. Often the space itself is part of the artistic journey and experience. In contrast, the current digital art market has evolved around personal experience and associating with an online community with similar taste and value. Therefore exposure is often limited to sharing in social networks and websites.

At 3space, we try to look beyond the social and cultural merits in cyberspace and focus on the adoption and widespread use of digital art by placing it in physical spaces. We believe that engaging in familiar environments can reduce the dismissal of revealing art that is less known. “Presenting work in usual or iconic places that have a particular place in the history and memory of people can be a powerful draw, and ‘taking the unusual to usual’ can help reimagine the audiences in new and surprising ways” (Boiling & Thurman, 8).

3space will act as a bridge to deliver digital art and NFTs to the real world; by finding the appropriate channels to display art 'physically' and organizing events and exhibitions. These offline locations will attract a wider audience. Ultimately, our goal is to propagate digital art in the real world by creating a productive space for artists, projects and collectors to meet, work on self-initiated projects, and forge a cooperative community.

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