Offline Events & Exhibitions

The team behind 3space are software engineers with extensive experience in developing enterprise level content management systems and system integration architecture. 3space and partners have developed tools to stream digital art from cloud storages directly to electronic devices and generate invisible watermarks to embed NFT information of the art in display.

VOD Transcoder

Digital art showcasing will be managed by a VOD Transcoder. A VOD Transcoder is a cloud-based media conversion service that converts original media files into various image qualities for various devices such as mobile devices or electronic display to make it viewable. It is able to handle high-quality video conversion tasks and create high-quality video output for all major devices through H.264/AAC output codec support.
VOD may change video file format or convert images to fit the multi-screen. Such a transcoding task requires relatively high-performance computing power. The higher the video quality and the increase in types of images to convert, means higher server resources are required. Files will be hosted on IPFS, or on some occasions private cloud servers depending on the environment.
Digital art will be projected on electronic devices such as signages, kiosks, digital frames, and high-definition displays. Images or other content from an external storage device will use Content Playback mode.

Invisible Watermarking

Watermarking for image content allows the creator or service operator to embed unique and imperceptible information of copyright in the content as it is playing. Digital art showcasing in exhibits organized by 3space will have the option to implement an invisible QR code of the NFT owner .


During an exhibition or an event, the corresponding NFTs will be locked into a smart contract specifically created for the occasion. The contract will be timelocked so that the ownership cannot be transferred until the end of the exhibition/event. For more details, go to Art Pool.