Roadmap will be updated regularly with new initiatives and milestone achievements
Updated January 26, 2022


2023 1Q
  • Art Pool Exhibition #5 - Co-existence
  • Polygon NFT and wallet support
  • $PACE - 2 Klaytn <-> Ethereum network migration
2022 4Q
  • 3space Art mobile app and viewer - mobile support on Android and IOS
  • Digital art subscription plans - Using NFTs in the Art Pool, 3space provide digital art streaming services for businesses
  • Neopin wallet support
2022 3Q
  • NFT DAO - As time progresses, more PACE tokens will be unlocked and 3space will propose a DAO-directed treasury to use PACE tokens to purchase competitive NFTs. The NFTs will be shared by participants and secondary sales will be distributed accordingly
  • 3space digital frames - 3space is currently working with Makerspace (a University-funded IOT research center) to manufacture a digital frame optimized for high-definition digital art. The prototype is expected to be released by the end of 2021, while production will start in the second half of 2022.
2022 2Q
  • 3space Art 2.0 - Governance model for the curation and exhibition of digital art NFTs
This will be one of the biggest initiatives for our next chapter as we push to create a decentralized community. A forum will be created to cast votes to select which digital art will be showcased for the exhibition or event. 1 PACE = 1 vote
  • Album-cover NFTs - Minting album covers of old CDs and LPs from famous singers and bands. Record labels will be able to sell NFTs to their fan base through the 3space Marketplace
  • Digital frame marketplace - Buy digital frames using cryptocurrencies
  • Photography NFTs - 3space will add artists dedicated fine-art photography
  • Galleries - Independent art galleries will be able to mint NFTs
  • Secondary marketplace - Sell digital art NFTs by connecting wallet
  • Generative art issuance


2022 1Q
  • Art Pool - KPACE staking
  • Art Pool contracts - NFT (KIP-17) pool
  • Art Pool contracts - NFT (ERC-721) pool
  • Third-party wallet support (Kaikas for Klaytn)
  • NFT-ETH swaps using Metamask
  • Art Pool contracts - PACE-ETH LP pool
  • NFTs to-go - Use QR codes to collect digital art NFTs directly from an offline venue
2021 4Q
  • Metamask wallet support
  • Walletconnect support
  • PACE token issuance
  • Exhibition - NFT Busan
  • Exhibition - LG headquarters at Gwanghwamun
  • PACE tokens swaps on DEX
  • PACE Klaytn support (wrapped KPACE tokens)
  • UI/UX improvements

2021 3Q

  • Uploaded 100+ Artworks
  • Korea Won fiat-onramp
  • Ethereum support - ERC-721
  • Marketplace + Art Pool site renewal
  • SA NFTs - 100 unique planets inspired by the universe. Minted on Klaytn

2021 2Q

  • Klaytn contract - NFT contract $PACE,
  • Kaikas integration
  • Klip wallet integration and verification
  • Klaytnscope verification
  • First NFT minting on Klaytn
  • First Exhibition at COEX Hall, Seoul, South Korea