Allocation and unlock schedule

To ensure fair distribution by allocation and schedule, 3space is adopting an inflation smart contract to provide a linear and trustless environment for PACE circulation.
PACE tokens will be wrapped and transferred to the Klaytn network, where it will be distributed in block units by the contract. Initially, 0.9% of the supply will be allocated for pool creation and Klayswap drops, followed by PACE-KLAY and PACE-KSP liquidity pool on Klayswap. Note: As of January 26, tokens on the Klaytn network have been transferred BACK to Ethereum after the end of the fair launch. Details can be found here.
  • Total fixed supply: 100,000,000 PACE
  • Initial circulating supply: 976,960 PACE
  • Contract distribution: 99,023,040 PACE (Linear inflated distribution for one year, 3.14 PACE per block)
  • Contract address :
Marketplace Rewards
24,755,760 PACE
Art Pool Rewards
24,755,760 PACE
Early Investors
19,804,608 PACE
Ecosystem Liquidity
20%(15% on Klayswap)
19,804,608 PACE
4,951,152 PACE
4,951,152 PACE
**PACE distributed to each allocation pool is not circulated immediately except ecosystem liquidity allocation. Tokens will be released according to the events and purposes of each allocation.
Marketplace and Art Pool rewards
  • To incentivize early participants, Marketplace Rewards and Art pool Rewards are higher initially and slowly decrease over time.
  • The initial release date of early investors with a vesting schedule of 1 year will start the countdown after the first listing on a Centralized Exchange (CEX)
  • The team tokens will have a 3-year lockup that decreases over one year. It is designed to be 'slower' than the Marketplace & Art pool rewards.
  • The token distribution model incentivizes participants who are here for the long run.
The numbers for the PACE token release schedule can be found below:
$PACE Token Release Schedule Graph